Baby Wearing 101

Baby Wearing 101


Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by mamaway. They sent me their ring sling to review and while I was gifted with the product, all opinions are my own. I am committed to only work with brands that I love, and whose products I do or would purchase and use myself. 

A few years ago at a farmer’s market I saw a mom wearing her baby in a beautiful wrap. It was the very first time ever that I’ve consciously seen someone wearing a baby, and I decided right there and then that this was what I would be doing as well, if I ever had kids. I didn’t know any of the science behind baby wearing, it just looked so natural and cool and kind of hippie, which I love. Fast forward a couple of years. I was now pregnant myself and started researching, well, pretty much everything regarding pregnancy, birth and raising children, including baby wearing. I was just stunned to learn about the many benefits of baby wearing. It is great for baby’s development and your own hormone regulation after pregnancy, it promotes bonding, calms a fussy baby and you can actually get stuff done, because you have your hands free. With a little practice you can nurse your baby while you wear them. You can even practice yoga while wearing your baby, and if you’re traveling it is a true life saver.

So far I have tried three different kinds of slings / carriers. They all have their advantages, and I love all of them at different stages and for different occasions. Here is a short overview of what I have tried so far: Continue reading “Baby Wearing 101”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you will all enjoy a beautiful day that is filled with joy, love and gratitude. So often we get caught up in what we seem to lack, and we forget the many blessings which life offers and which we take granted. May this day inspire you to find gratitude in every moment of your life and to celebrate the abundance. 

What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments below!
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How to Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup

Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup

This past week was definitely one of the most challenging ones in my parenting career so far. My husband was out of the country and we have no family living close by, so I was all by myself the entire week with my two kids, one of them (the three-year-old) being sick. This was definitely a humbling experience, that left me wondering why there is no such thing as an epidural for parenting. It was just so dang intense! But it also made me feel strong. I mean, we survived it after all. :-) But seriously, I am in awe and admiration for single parents. Sharing the parenting load with a partner is already hard work, but doing it alone just brings it to a new level. And I know that single parenting brings on challenges that I didn’t even need to face. It definitely took all my strength and self control to not hand over the children and escape the house the moment my husband returned.
Anyway, one of the things that has greatly helped me this past week supporting my son’s and my own immune system was our homemade elderberry syrup. And since we’re right in the middle of flu season, I thought I’d share the recipe here on the blog. It’s actually pretty delicious and a nice addition to holiday drinks, thanks to the cloves and cinnamon in it. Continue reading “How to Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup”

20 Things For Your Hospital Bag

20 Things

Around week 36 of pregnancy it is time to pack your hospital bag. Even if you plan for an out-of-hospital birth you should still pack one, because birth doesn’t necessarily follow our plans. I’ve put together a short list of essentials (no particular order here) that will help you transform your hospital room into a cozy birthing suite and make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Continue reading “20 Things For Your Hospital Bag”

Terra Friendly Night Light Review


Terra Friendly Night Light Review

Disclaimer: While I was gifted with the products I’m writing about, all opinions are my own. I am committed to only work with brands that I love, and whose products I do or would purchase and use myself. 

Those of you who follow along may know that we have a lot of bedtime struggles going on recently, involving requests from my son to keep the lights on at night. A couple of days ago I received a package from Terra Friendly containing this night lamp to review. While it is not the magic pill that resolves all my struggles (I guess that would be a little high on the expectations side), it is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. When I first saw the package, I was pretty confused by its size. I was sure there was a mistake. But then I realized the package was so small because the lamp is inflatable. I’ve never seen something like that before. So you basically just blow it up like a beach ball, which makes it super lightweight and basically unbreakable – perfect for toddlers’ hands :-). Continue reading “Terra Friendly Night Light Review”